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Connie Rochford

Dear Nataly,

I wanted to write you and congratulate you on the wonderful E'shee Product Line. As a Licensed Professional Aesthetician with International Credentials, my private clientele demand the best! Being trained in scientific, medically based skin care, it is essential that the products I use pass the research test.

After extensive research on ingredients, I came upon the E'shee Line. Skeptic on any new skin care product line, I was astonished at the results I received after a short amount of time. The serums deliver a firmer tone to the skin! The skin begins to transform in texture and luminosity. The new line of products including the White Truffle Cream and the Cellular Night Time Cream when used over the serums deliver a plump, hydrated surface. The Hydro-Mask feels wondrous on the skin. From my own personal experience, I recently traveled on an International flight from Europe. I applied the Serum #1 and applied the Hydro-Mask over the serum and allowed it to penetrate. After a 9 hour flight, my skin was dewy and well hydrated. The horrible dehydration that usually appears on the skin from air travel was GONE!

My private clients are ecstatic with the changes in their skin, since I began incorporating these products in their beauty routine! From photo shoots to fashion shows to television, their skin possesses a new vibrancy. The E'shee Products must be tried to believe! After over 25 years in the business-I AM a believer!

Most Respectfully,
Connie Rochford, MA, LE

Connie Rochford

Dear Nataly,

I had to write you a short note. I received the products and I am amazed at the texture and the results after such a short period of time. The samples you included of the new products; cell night creme, mask and white truffle day cream are impressive!

I will be calling you this week to order the serums and the new products. I just had to write to tell you how impressed I am with the results so far. Thank you again for your hard work and outstanding products.

Most Respectfully,
Connie Rochford

Thank you!

Faina Z.

I just wanted to share my experience using Serum Cellular Repair System.

I had a cosmetic plastic surgery on my face, and developed scar tissues behind my ears. It had some opened areas and looked like it was not stitched to the end. You can only imagine the pain and discomfort I was going through. Doctor attributed it to the fact that this area has naturally pour circulation and told me to be patient as recovery make take up to 3 months.

Thanks to Nataly - she started to use Serum Cellular Repair System(#1) on my problem areas three days after the surgery (could not get to her before) - and what an amazing result - 10 days later I was able to put my earrings back, wear glasses without discomfort, but you had to see my doctors face - he was speechless!

I am usually pretty skeptical of promises made by most of cosmetic products, but this one is MUST HAVE if you preparing yourself to go through any cosmetic procedure or just need a fast boost to have younger and firmer skin. Nataly trained me to put this serum on my entire face including eye area and follow with #6 Silky Rose Essence - and what a result! The product actually delivers what it designs for! It feels good to receive a lot of complements on improved appearance being only a few weeks after the surgery. Thanks a lot, Nataly!

Irena M.

I have used Serum #1. I love the results so far. Better than any other cream I've used previously.

Stacey B.

I felt that my skin became noticeably smoother within the first two weeks. Vitamin C's formula is non greasy and non sticky. It is quickly absorbed and weightless on skin. Prompt shipment, good service.

Daniel Saville

"Good Afternoon,

I hope this email finds you well.

I hope you do not mind me emailing you but I just looked in the mirror today and felt the urge to email you and thank you.

A bit of a brief back ground history.

I'm a male and am 29 years old. I have always been fit and healthy and all my studies and work has been in the fitness field. I looked after my skin and health and always looked much younger than my age.

Five years ago I was walking home from work and went to draw out some cash and the next thing I knew I awoke 11 months later from a coma; I had been attacked by three Heroin Addicts and left for dead on the pavement. I awoke and could not speak due to the brain damage and I could not walk due to the spinal damage. I also had the most terrible scarring and marks on my face due to them stamping on my head and face. I was in hospital for 2.5 years and I learnt to do everything again. I lost s kidney and part of my liver and my spleen and I had to have a spinal cord Stimulator due to the pain in my legs. So any way to cut a long story short I looked a mess my face looked like I was dead!! I was pale and grey and my skin looked sallow and dry and like the living dead.

My Aunt very kindly saw that I was no longer going out of the house as I did not have the confidence and new I did not have the energy to apply loads of creams to my face so she bought me the Serum Hydra Gold and the Serum Vitalizing C. I applied them day and night as she instructed me and I’m on my 4th Week now and well I can’t tell you how well I look.

It does not look like me anymore. I look like I have rosy cheeks and my face is plump and alive, my eyes are bright and no dark rings around them, and the scarring has faded and looks so much better. I used it over my eyes and neck too. I hope that’s okay.

Honestly to find a range that is so powerful to do that is a miracle,, My Aunt is rather well dressed and everyone thinks she has had surgery as she looks so young she is 62 and looks maybe 20 years younger. I went into her bathroom a few months ago and she has rows of your serums all over the place and tubs of moisturizer so she must literally bathe herself in them.

I have started going out a bit now and everyone tells me how well I’m looking and I was even asked if I had botox and a peel as my skin looked so good.

So that’s why I wanted to write to you to say such a big thank you for making the world’s most potent products. More people should find out about them and use them .You have given me back confidence that I lost and to tell you the truth I used to look in the Mirror and see the face that these thugs destroyed but now I can look at it and I don’t see that anymore and its due to yourselves!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart

I have plans to visit my aunt in a few months,, I have my eye on a clear serum that said something about cellular something and a botanical one and another gold one, if I’m lucky and schmooze her enough you never know she may give me them. If not can you tell me if I can buy them in the UK?

This range is worth saving for.

I hope to hear from you soon lots of love and hope you are all having a most wonderful day and please thank everyone who works in your company for making such amazing things.


Yonatan R.

I am using this product for over a month now. I have noticed a significant reduction in wrinkles on my forehead and under my eyes.

Martin N.

I've been using this product for over a month. The service was impressive and i received the product promptly.

Marta W.

When I first saw E'shee Clinical's collection of serums, I didn't know what to make of them. The prices seemed to be in inverse proportion to the size with the Serum Cellular Repair costing $179 for a Liliputian 10 ml or 0.34 fl oz. As I said, these teensy 10 ml ampoules must be full of something mighty powerful... So far, I have only tried the Serum Cellular Repair and, three weeks in, I think it is pretty extraordinary.

Given the size/price ratio, I have been targeting it at the area from my cheekbones to my outer crow's feet and on the fine lines around my lips. The smoothing effect on wrinkles is impressive and I've also been extremely pleased with the reduction in redness caused by those minute broken veins, or thread veins. So far, I have used about a third of the amount and reckon I have about 10 weeks more to go. My guess is that if you were to use the recommended couple of drops for the whole face, there is about 6-8 weeks worth.

The E'Shee does not have a fragrance and it is a colorless gel in a small clear bottle - very unisex, totally discrete. I would definitely recommend investing in really good serums rather than Botox. The cumulative effect of these ingredients is only good, whereas with Botox people tend to need it more and more frequently.


This is a nighttime serum with lightweight moisturizers that has overall improved the color of my skin. Making it much healthier looking. 4 weeks probably isn't long enough for wrinkle reduction, but with its technologically advanced delivery system this just might be possible. So if money weren't a consideration, this Leo would be putting E'shee's Vitalizing C Serum on a monthly auto ship and we'd be using 8 drops every day instead of 4!

It has been a joy to use every day and the luxurious spoiling...

Richard S.

(Cellular Repair Serum).
My skin looks much better now than I use to go for Botox injections.


(Cellular Repair Serum).
Tretinoin usage left me with double the wrinkles and bags than I had before. I needed the most serious serum I could get my hands on to try and correct the damage. I've been using the Repair Serum for 8 weeks and it's almost repaired all the damage that Tretinoin had done. Marta offered a second discount on this so I absolutely bought another ampoule. I'm still using the first ampoule and predict that it will last 12 weeks (used only around the eyes and the bridge of my nose). Less than $2 per day, and I'm so thankful for what it's already done for me.

Victoria H.

Thank you very much for your wonderful customer service.

Alis Renat.

This product really works! My husband noticed the change. "Do you use something new for your face? You skin looks great." - he said to me after just 4 days after I started. I have to tell you, if he saw it, it says it all. He's a great man, but he usually never notices little things, he never see the details. It has to be something more significant for him to notice. Girls would know the type. :-) So I'm sold! Thank you, E'shee.


In 2010 I used Tretinoin for four weeks with adverse side effects. Twelve weeks after I stopped using it, the uncontrollable blinking, pain and irritation to my eyes finally, subsided and went away. My vision returned to normal and I could comfortably wear contacts again, but the skin around my eyes looked so bad that vanity stopped me from wearing them. The bags under my eyes were now twice as puffy with creepy lines on them. I didn't used to have crepey lines under my eyes! The skin above my eyes had no strength, and folded to rest heavily upon my lids. Crows feet and fine lines on the bridge of my nose were now twice as deep and pronounced then they'd ever been before. My eyes looked so terrible that I continued to wear my glasses to try and hide them. I felt that nothing, short of a miracle, could fix the numerous problems surrounding my eyes after the months of stress they'd endured.

Marta published her review of E'shee's Cellular Repair Serum as a promising, wrinkle reducer. This gave hope, but was E'shee's FGF 1 gene therapy, seriously scientific, or just seriously expensive? My Tretinoin ordeal had already cost me $600 and I was desperate. After using E'shee's Repair Serum for 6 months on the bridge of my nose and around my eyes, I'm not proclaiming it a miracle serum, but it DID significantly reduce and repair the depth of the wrinkles on my nose and crows feet. For this, I will forever be grateful to E'shee's Cellular Repair Serum.

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