The “Elixir Of Life” – the power of Far Infra Red (FIR). (Part 2)

What is so special about infrared rays?

The Infrared rays radiate or spread from a localized source. Infrared rays can deeply penetrate skin and the underlying tissues – approx. from 1.5 to 2.8 inches deep.

When far infrared rays (FIR) penetrate the skin, they come into contact with proteins, collagen, fats and water molecules. By stimulating micro-vibrations [...]

We voted Five Best 2011!

We won Five Best on Truth in Aging 2011 in various categories:

E’shee “Serum Cellular Repair Gene Therapy” – Best Anti Aging Serums, Best With Stem Cells, and in Best for Broken Capillaries.

E’shee “Aqua Radiance Hydro Mask” – Best Masks.

E’shee “Vitalizing Serum “C” 20%” – Best with Vitamin C.

Our special thanks to everybody who made it [...]

Happy Holidays! Holiday Special Promotion.

E’shee Clinical Esthetic’s team wishes you Happy and Safe Holidays. Make a beautiful skin your New Year’s resolution!
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Best Anti-Aging Serum 2011!

“Face: Wrinkle & Sagging Skin Solutions

August 9, 2011
Posted by Marta 21
Five Best anti-aging serums of 2011

Yes, I know they don’t come cheap. But this is the heavy artillery and they can be eked out by only targeting them at stubborn wrinkles and problem areas, while using a less expensive anti-aging serum for [...]