Daily skincare in 15 minutes

By guest author Ivana Vitali

Many times we forget to give our skin the care it deserves, often because we think we should have more spare time than we do. Reality shows that with only fifteen minutes a day you can make a huge difference that will show in time. Here are some skin care tips [...]

The “Elixir Of Life” – the power of Far Infra Red (FIR). (Part 1)

In our newest serum “KI Therapy Elixir of Life” we use Far Infra Red Powder (or FIR).

You will ask: “What is it?”, and “How it can be beneficial for me?” This is a powder produced from natural elements and has the ability to absorb outside heat energy and then release far infrared ray with 4~14micron [...]

E’shee HBA Global Expo 2011, NYC. Skin Care Anti-Aging Symposium

Thanks to everybody who joined us at HBA Global Expo this year.

Skin Care Regiment.Part 7. Day and Night Creams.

It is been a long time since I’ve wrote a new post. I didn’t forget about you guys, we just been a little busy. Sorry about that. Let’s pick up there we left our regiment part.

We were talking about creams or moisturizers. So if you have number of things you like to improve in your [...]