Extreme Lift Serum – The “Multi-Tensor” – Special one time introductory offer!

E'shee Multi-Tensor Extreme Lift Serum.

Celebrate with us launch of our new advanced product- Multi-Tensor Extreme Lift Serum – highly concentrated serum with MPC™ bioactive polypeptide, Trace Elements, two kinds of HA, and much more!  You’re invited to take advantage of this unbelievably low introductory price.

Pre-order today until May 1st and receive the [...]

The “Elixir Of Life” – the power of Far Infra Red (FIR). (Part 1)

In our newest serum “KI Therapy Elixir of Life” we use Far Infra Red Powder (or FIR).

You will ask: “What is it?”, and “How it can be beneficial for me?” This is a powder produced from natural elements and has the ability to absorb outside heat energy and then release far infrared ray with 4~14micron [...]

Coming soon: Extreme Face Lift Serum – “Multi Tensor”.

We are pleased to inform you: soon we will launch new product – the ultimate gravity fighter “Multi Tensor” Extreme Face Lift with advanced MPC™ complex. It will help to rebuild collagen network, incredibly boosting skin’s natural production of hyaluronic acid and triggers rejuvenation process.

Multi-Tensor Extreme Face-Lift Serum’s boosting effects result in strong and very [...]

We voted Five Best 2011!

We won Five Best on Truth in Aging 2011 in various categories:

E’shee “Serum Cellular Repair Gene Therapy” – Best Anti Aging Serums, Best With Stem Cells, and in Best for Broken Capillaries.

E’shee “Aqua Radiance Hydro Mask” – Best Masks.

E’shee “Vitalizing Serum “C” 20%” – Best with Vitamin C.

Our special thanks to everybody who made it [...]

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