Daily skincare in 15 minutes

By guest author Ivana Vitali

Many times we forget to give our skin the care it deserves, often because we think we should have more spare time than we do. Reality shows that with only fifteen minutes a day you can make a huge difference that will show in time. Here are some skin care tips [...]

Skin Care Regiment. Part 4. Using Facial Toner.

A facial toner is the most misunderstood step in your skin care regimen and also the most neglected.

If you ask: “Do I need to use a facial toner?” you’ve asked one of the most debated questions in skin care.

Personally, I try to never skip a toner in my daily skin care regime. I love the [...]

Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels

Since the days of antiquity, people have been using a variety of chemical exfoliation methods, also known as peeling, to rejuvenate skin. Chemical peel treatments produce a controlled ”partial thickness injury” to the skin following the application of a specific chemical solution. The skin’s natural healing process ensures regeneration of [...]