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Best Anti-Aging Serum 2011!

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Five Best anti-aging serums of 2011

August 9, 2011
Posted by Marta 21

Five Best anti-aging serums of 2011

Yes, I know they don’t come cheap. But this is the heavy artillery and they can be eked out by only targeting them at stubborn wrinkles and problem areas, while using a less expensive anti-aging serum for regular use…

E’shee Cellular Repair Serum. Primary function: wrinkle and broken capillary repair. A Five Best for the second time, this serum (which I bought a replacement of) is hugely beneficial for rosacea, broken veins and deep wrinkles. The key active is the cutting edge FGF 1 (a Recombinant Human acidic Fibroblast Growth Factor). FGF1 is rather bossy and signals FGF2 to get on with fibroblast growth and collagen production, hyaluronic acid and elastin, while getting FGF7 to get busy with keratinocyte resulting in rejuvenated skin. They also support angiogenesis, which is the growth of new blood vessels. The horse chestnut is also a repair for broken capillaries and the combination with FGF1 does make a visible difference to thread veins. The only other botanical is mulberry. This is typically used in skincare as a whitener. Studies have been shown mulberry leaf extract to inhibit tyrosinase activity. Additionally, several phenolic flavonoids, such as gallic acid and quercetin, and fatty acids, such as linoleic acid and palmitic acid, have been isolated from its leaves. With sodium lactate and lactic acid providing exfoliation and sodium hyaluronate, this formulation covers most bases. This is an expensive potion for 10 ml or 0.34 fl oz., so I target it only where really needed – deep wrinkles and areas of rosacea prone skin with some tiny broken veins. The results are very impressive. My original review of E’shee and see a video showing that a little really goes a long way.”

E'shee Clinical Esthetic Ampuole Collection

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