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“Good Afternoon,

I hope this email finds you well.

I hope you do not mind me emailing you but I just looked in the mirror today and felt the urge to email you and thank you.

A bit of a brief back ground history.

I’m a male and am 29 years old. I have always been fit and healthy and all my studies and work has been in the fitness field. I looked after my skin and health and always looked much younger than my age.

Five years ago I was walking home from work and went to draw out some cash and the next thing I knew I awoke 11 months later from a coma; I had been attacked by three Heroin Addicts and left for dead on the pavement. I awoke and could not speak due to the brain damage and I could not walk due to the spinal damage. I also had the most terrible scarring and marks on my face due to them stamping on my head and face. I was in hospital for 2.5 years and I learnt to do everything again. I lost s kidney and part of my liver and my spleen and I had to have a spinal cord Stimulator due to the pain in my legs. So any way to cut a long story short I looked a mess my face looked like I was dead!! I was pale and grey and my skin looked sallow and dry and like the living dead.

My Aunt very kindly saw that I was no longer going out of the house as I did not have the confidence and new I did not have the energy to apply loads of creams to my face so she bought me the Serum Hydra Gold and the Serum Vitalizing C. I applied them day and night as she instructed me and I’m on my 4th Week now and well I can’t tell you how well I look.

It does not look like me anymore. I look like I have rosy cheeks and my face is plump and alive, my eyes are bright and no dark rings around them, and the scarring has faded and looks so much better. I used it over my eyes and neck too. I hope that’s okay.

Honestly to find a range that is so powerful to do that is a miracle,, My Aunt is rather well dressed and everyone thinks she has had surgery as she looks so young she is 62 and looks maybe 20 years younger. I went into her bathroom a few months ago and she has rows of your serums all over the place and tubs of moisturizer so she must literally bathe herself in them.

I have started going out a bit now and everyone tells me how well I’m looking and I was even asked if I had botox and a peel as my skin looked so good.

So that’s why I wanted to write to you to say such a big thank you for making the world’s most potent products. More people should find out about them and use them .You have given me back confidence that I lost and to tell you the truth I used to look in the Mirror and see the face that these thugs destroyed but now I can look at it and I don’t see that anymore and its due to yourselves!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart

I have plans to visit my aunt in a few months,, I have my eye on a clear serum that said something about cellular something and a botanical one and another gold one, if I’m lucky and schmooze her enough you never know she may give me them. If not can you tell me if I can buy them in the UK?

This range is worth saving for.

I hope to hear from you soon lots of love and hope you are all having a most wonderful day and please thank everyone who works in your company for making such amazing things.


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