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Mother’s Day Specials!

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Say “I LOVE YOU” to someone very special for you on this Mother’s Day with a great gift every woman would love!

And we’re here to help. :-)

But any product you like for $200 or more and receive one ampoule of Serum Hydra Gold absolutely free! Spend $400 and receive two ampoules free (and so on).

Serum Hydra Gold – is very powerful anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and highly moisturizing. It is suitable for ALL SKIN TYPES and ages, not greasy and not comedugenic (will not clog the pores). Just two-free drops enough to cover all face and neck, one extra drop for the décolleté. One ampoule usually last for two-tree month with daily application. And on top of all the benefits it gives a beautiful, healthy glow to the skin. (Read more about benefits of gold in our previous post.)

Mothers Day special starts April 29th and will end on May 31, 11.59pm EST.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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