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Skin Care Regimen. Part 10. Exfoliation or Peels.

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Why do we need to exfoliate? Our skin cells normally replacing themselves every 28 to 45 days. When we younger this process is faster as we growing older it slows down. Basically, every 28 to 45 days we have completely new skin. The uppermost layer of our skin constantly shedding. Isn’t it nice? All this dust in our homes contains mostly our dead skin cells! That’s not so nice. :-)

But not all of our dead skin cells falling off; some of them are getting “glued” to the surface by skins excretions. The skin surface becomes uneven. Unevenness is not visible by naked eye but what we can see is dull appearance, “grayish” color of the skin, and rough texture. Most of this has to do with ability of the skin surface to reflect the light. Here comes “chicken and egg”. We all know what the smother the surface is – it reflects the light better; the better it reflects the light – the smoother it appears.  If our skin does not reflect the light good enough, it doesn’t looks smooth and glowing. By exfoliating we helping our skin to get rid of those dead cells which got “glued “ to the surface and make a surface of our skin smoother. But that is not all. Another advantage of exfoliation is that by clearing our skin from that dead layer it increases oxygen intake by our skin, helps our skin to extract toxins thru our pores, and greatly improves absorption of all beneficial ingredient from our skin care products. Exfoliation also boosts collagen production and skin rejuvenation – great anti-aging and anti-acne tool! Sounds good, isn’t it? Don’t you want to start right now? :-)

It is number of exfoliation techniques available. First we will talk about those you can (and should!) do it home by yourself. It is three different types of exfoliators (or you can call it peels) – scrubs, enzymatic peels, and light chemical peels. In the next post I’ll describe every single one of them.

Later we will talk about professional exfoliation techniques, used in the skin care salons, by the dermatologists, and plastic surgeons.

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