Mother’s Day Specials!

Say “I LOVE YOU” to someone very special for you on this Mother’s Day with a great gift every woman would love!

And we’re here to help.

But any product you like for $200 or more and receive one ampoule of Serum Hydra Gold absolutely free! Spend $400 and receive two ampoules free (and so [...]

Is Gold Beneficial For Your Skin?

Throughout history, gold mineral has been recognized for its luxurious and beautifying properties. It has been used for centuries by Oriental cultures and ancient Egyptians for its anti-aging and healing benefits.

Remember the Cleopatra’s gold mask?

Gold’s anti-inflammatory properties decrease skin inflammation which, in turn, slows down melanin secretion and reduces aging spots. Gold slows down collagen [...]

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relieve

Hello everybody!

Our official campaign “Help Japan” is over. E’shee Clinical Esthetic made a donation of 10% of all gross sales for the period from March 14th, 2011 till April 14th, 2011 to the American Red Cross in order to help the victims of Japan earthquake and tsunami disaster.

Thanks to all who helped us to help [...]

Skin Care Regimen. Part 10. Exfoliation or Peels.

Why do we need to exfoliate? Our skin cells normally replacing themselves every 28 to 45 days. When we younger this process is faster as we growing older it slows down. Basically, every 28 to 45 days we have completely new skin. The uppermost layer of our skin constantly shedding. Isn’t it nice? All this [...]