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Vitamin C – Super Vitamin

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Why vitamin C calls “Super Vitamin”, and why do we need it?

Vitamin C helps the body repair and maintains connective tissue by stimulating collagen production. The studies have shown that prolonged exposure of human connective tissue culture to Vitamin C results in an eight-fold increase in the synthesis of collagen. Vitamin C is called the super anti-oxidant for its ability to oxidize and neutralize free radicals.

Unfortunately, humans belong to the group of animals who lost their ability to synthesize vitamin C in the process of evolution. So we need to consume it with our food or thru the supplements internally. Vitamin C is very sensitive, and when taken through the mouth, only 10-15% of Vitamin C is ingested because absorption is blocked in the digestive tract. When used in topical application it gets very easily destroyed when it comes in the contact with oxygen in the air. Trauma or injury has also been demonstrated to use up large quantities of vitamin C in humans.

If you used some vitamin C serums, you probably have noticed what product often changes a color (it gets darker) if not used within short period of time.  So it is not much of it left to make it to our skin.

What’s there the liposomal technology makes a big difference. This is a new delivery method that is used by medical providers to transfer drugs in order to heal specific body organs. This form of delivery system offers targeted delivery of vital compounds to the body.

A liposome is a tiny bubble (vesicle), made out of the same material as a cell membrane. The liposome can be filled with substances (vitamins, drugs), and be used to deliver it to the cells. When filled up with vitamin C it protects it from coming in contact with the air. In topical application liposome attaches itself to the skin, when liposomal walls starting to dissolve, releasing vitamin C directly to the cells. That’s why using liposomal encapsulated Vitamin C significantly increases the supply of Vitamin C delivered into the cellular system.

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