We are voted “Best anti-wrinkle product 2010″!

We are voted “Best anti-wrinkle products 2010″ by two independent sources: “Truth in aging” and “The London School of beauty and make-up”!

Posted by Marta, “Truth in aging”:

“That being said, E’Shee’s Serum Cellular Repair was the best anti-wrinkle product I found in 2010. The standout active is a recombinant human growth factor, FGF1. [...]

Skin Care Regiment. Sunblocks and Suncsreens. Part 9.

So what is the difference between sunblock and sunscreen?

Sunblock this is something what physically “blocks” the sun rays. Ingredients used in sunblock are zink oxide and titanium dioxide. These are natural ingredients, relatively big particles. They do not penetrate the skin. These particles spreading on the skin surface creating physical shield which protect us by [...]