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Skin Care Regiment. Part 6. Moisturizers or Creams.

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Next step in our daily skin care regiment is a cream, or a moisturizer. I personally prefer to say “creams”, because I expect more from my facial cream when just moisturizing (hydration).

It is basically two ways how cream works. One: cream can just block the release of moisture from your skin by creating a temporary oily layer on the surface – this is not a good cream. Two: cream can add moisture to your skin by stimulating your skin’s natural moisture production and absorption – this is much better cream. The cream which will do all of the above and also protects your skin from harmful agents – this is a very good cream.

Today we know much more about anti-aging effects of anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, acne control, and many other wonderful things. And we also know that technology now is able to do some miracles. Does it mean we have to buy all bunch of different creams and use them all? The answer is no. Modern day cream can contain big number of those ingredients in one formula. You just have to choose one according to your skin care needs. If it’s a number of things you would like to improve about your skin, do not try to squeeze it all in one. Break it down between your day cream and night cream. In my next post I will teach you how to do it.

Who need to use cream/moisturizer? The answer is everybody. Typically, your skin soaks up moisture and produces natural Hyaluronic Acid to keep itself young and vital, but you lose the ability to do that as you age. Aged skin loses the ability to attract moisture and produce Hyaluronic Acid in the first place and becomes fundamentally dehydrated. In the same time your pores lose their ability to produce lipids, which compose protective layer on the surface of your skin, and keeping naturally produced moisture from evaporating.

If you have normal to dry skin you know you need it and you probably using one already (or few). Most commonly this question will come from somebody with oily skin or young people. They say: “My skin is already oily, I don’t need a cream”. Your skin may be too oily but lacks water due to stripping agents like alcohol or witch hazel. Wind or sunburn may be an issue along with heating and air condition units in the office and home. Deep dehydration occurs in the second major layer of the skin called the dermis from strong diuretic pills, antibiotics, alcohol, excessive sweating (saunas) to name a few. This is especially very noticeable in the skin tissue around the eyes. For those of you with oily skin, use a water based cream/moisturizer, or use water based serum. Those products are fast absorbing, they look and feel lighter and will not add to your oiliness.

For the young people my advice is: look for anti-oxidants in your moisturizer, whey will protect your skin. You may say: “My skin looks great. I don’t need it”. Well, you do, if you want to keep this beautiful skin of yours glowing for years to come. And I’m sure you do.

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2 comments to Skin Care Regiment. Part 6. Moisturizers or Creams.

  • Hi Nataly and E’shee – I noticed your mention of Witch hazel in this post. Witch hazel is used in two of your serums that I’m considering for my sun-damaged skin and deeper wrinkles (#1 Cellular Repair and #7 Ki Therapy). Could I ask the purpose of this ingredient in such a serum – anti redness perhaps? Is the percentage of witch hazel possibly ’stripping’ of moisture?

    Love the look of your products otherwise and look forward to hopefully purchasing #7.

    • Hi Susan,
      The Witch hazel in those serums used for reducing the inflammation, which leads to skin redness, you absolutely right. The % we use there is not great enough to strip of the moisture; and non crossed linked HA promotes extra hydration as well. This makes those serums absolutely safe even for most sensitive skin. Thank you for your compliment on our products. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.

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