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Skin care regiment. Part 3. Washing your face.

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So let’s get started. First things first. We get up in the morning, we wash our face. This is true for every skin type and every skin color. Depends on difference in your skin type and goals you trying to achieve, you will use different type of cleanser, but everybody have to wash their face. Do not use “something you found in that bathroom”, such as hand soap, dishwasher soap or cat shampoo – that would be wrong. You can laugh. Working as a skin care therapist, I have heard it all and I’m not kidding. This is a question I always ask my new clients. This is the question you have to hear when you come for you very first time to salon, spa, and skin care professional. Why is it important? Because that will help me to understand why you skin looks like it looks and feel like it feels. Some of my clients also told me what their dermatologist advised them not to wash their face (for some skin conditions). I strongly disagree. You just have to use a right product.

Let’s get back to our morning. Wash your face and neck with appropriate cleanser. Using water alone will not be as good as washing your face with a right cleanser. It may be nice and refreshing and will help you to open your eyes in the morning but it does not do enough in terms of cleansing your skin. Why washing your face so important? Because when you wash your face you remove not just dirt, but also dead skin cells, which didn’t shed off from your skin surface, access oils, and your own body’s waste products which your lymphatic system brought to the surface of your skin. Your skin will start to “breath”. And you are preparing your skin for application of those wonderful skin care products standing on your shelf. For men it will be just skin care products, for women it will be also makeup. Make up application will be much easier and finish much smoother if you wash your face before applying any serums, creams and makeup.

Same thing you do in the evening. Remove your make up first, ALWAYS! When wash your face. And only then you can crash! But if you will struggle for another minute, you will be able to put some night care products on your face and neck. By removing all the traces of makeup, dirt, dust, access oils and toxic waste you will prepare your skin for good night sleep and regeneration. Good serums and/or cream will help.

It is very important to choose a good facial cleanser which is right for your skin type. Read the label; ask about ingredients what’s right for you. If you not sure, you can ask your skin care professional. Or you can send us an e-mail, better with a picture of your face without make up, tell us what you currently using and goals you trying to achieve. We will be glad to help you.

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4 comments to Skin care regiment. Part 3. Washing your face.

  • hi, I’m in my early twenties, female and I already have wrinkles on my forhead and around my mouth, I wash my face every morning with moisturizing bar soap and use oil of olay moisturizer do you have any suggestions on how and why I am already getting wrinkles?

    • Hi! First of all, please stop washing your face with a bar soap. It is over-dying your skin. The dryer someone skin is the more wrinkles it will show, dispute the age. Use soapless soap instead, with neutral PH. Oil of Olay moisturizer obviously doesn’t do a good job for you. In general, all over the counter cosmetics (once you buy in pharmacy stores, or department stores) does not contain active ingredients in concentration needed to make a difference. Those brands simply not allowed to do so by FDA law. So most of them follow the rule “Do not harm”, instead of “Improve”. If you have anything in your skin you want to change, you need to lean toward using more professional products.
      Good luck!

  • Hey! thanks for bringing this article. This sorts of information should be placed on the first page of most search engines. Can’t wait for the next article you will make.

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