Skin care regiment. Part 3. Washing your face.

So let’s get started. First things first. We get up in the morning, we wash our face. This is true for every skin type and every skin color. Depends on difference in your skin type and goals you trying to achieve, you will use different type of cleanser, but everybody have to wash their face. [...]

Skin care regiment. Part 2.

We will start from basic skin care regiment taking for example 30+ years old person with normal skin type and no major skin problems.

Every Morning

Wash with a good facial soap/cleanser

Complete the cleaning with a toner

Apply high quality serum(s)

Apply an eye cream or eye serum

Apply an anti-aging or anti-oxidant day-time moisturizer

Apply a good sunscreen (SPF [...]

Skin care regiment. Part 1.

We called our blog “The place for skin care discussions”. But most important is skin care education. I’ve worked as a skin care therapist for many years now. I worked in Europe and in United States. Sadly, from my experience Americans have much less knowledge about skin care then Europeans. I don’t know why and [...]

How to take care of your skin

If you have a choice between healthy, glowing, beautiful skin and dull, wrinkled and rough textured skin – which one would you choose?

Would you choose to look younger when your birth certificate says or not?

If you choose to look younger and have a beautiful and healthy skin, it is time to start taking care of it.

In [...]

Beauty and Happiness

As a skin care professional whose business is to improve the skin health and appearance of my clients and educate them about importance of skin care, I am always surprised at what appears to me a double standard about our concept of beauty.

When I was reading one of professional magazines, I run into this article [...]