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I use this product because it has made my skin look and feel like a million bucks!

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E’shee Clinical Esthetic – Ampoule No.3 Hydra Gold Serum:

“I’m always a little weary of gimmicky/trendy ingredients in my skin care, so it was with some skepticism that I tried E’shee’s Hydra Gold Serum. The serum has actual flakes of 24k gold in it! Talk about luxurious! But after a week of use, I’m jumping on the E’shee bandwagon. My skin looks firmer, more toned and glowing. Gold is a strong antioxidant that decreases inflammation and protects skin from aging. The bottle says to use 1-2 times a day, I’m using mine at night only to extend the life of my bottle!”

Melissa Schweiger.



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E’shee Clinical Estheti – Ampoule No.3 Hydra Gold Serum

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